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1. For NCAA, WNBA and European Matches the game has to go at least 35 minutes for wagers to have action. In the case of NBA matches, the game must go at least 43 minutes.

2. Winners are determined by the final score of the game including overtime, unless otherwise specified.

3. In the event a game is suspended after the time stipulated above and play is not re-established later on that same day, the score shown when the game was suspended will be counted as final, for wagering purposes.

4. In the event that the game is suspended before time stipulated above and play is not re-established later on that same day, all wagers will be deemed “No Action.”


Additional Rules

5. Wagers on both full-game and second-half lines include overtime scoring, unless specified.

6. Bets on fourth-quarter lines DO NOT include overtime scoring.

7. If a game is suspended, wagers on quarters and halves will have action only if that specific period was completed.

8. Unless the information is changed prior to the start of the match, all games must be played on the scheduled date and location for wagers to have action.

9. In the result of a tie, three-or-more-team Vegas Teasers are reduced to the next lowest payoff (i.e. a five-team Vegas Teaser turns into a four-team Vegas Teaser, four-team teasers become three-team teasers and so on). With two-team Vegas Teasers, however, keep in mind the following:

Tie and a Win = No Action
Tie and a Tie = No Action
Tie and a Loss = Loss

In all other teaser bets offered by, including WNBA and WNCAA Teasers, a tie results in a LOSS, for wagering purposes.

10. For player head to head matchup up prop bets, or single player statistic’s based prop bets, all quoted players must start or play in at least one play in the game for bets to have action.

These rules apply to both NCAA and NBA basketball.


NBA Futures

All conference and championship wagers are considered action. In the case of a shortened season or any other unforeseen event, the winner of these wagers is determined by the NBA. Whoever the NBA deems the winner is the winner for wagering purposes. If no winner is determined by the NBA, all wagers are considered NO ACTION AND ALL MONIES ARE REFUNDED.

NBA results are graded using stats from


NCAA Conference Odds to Win

Winner of each conference will be determined by the team that acquires the lowest seed in the conference tournament. If the event results in a tie; Winner will be determined by the team given lowest seed in the Conference Tournament. (Wagers are for regular season only)


Rules for WNBA Live In-game betting

1. The prices, spreads and totals reflect the current score of the game.

2.  Overtime included on Spreads, Money lines and totals.

For any instances not mentioned here, Las Vegas wagering rules apply.


If you have any questions about our rules, please contact us. Our Player Services Team will be happy to help you. 

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