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If you’re new to betting, it’s important to get familiar with the terms of the game. The following wagering options are available:


Straight Bet

Wager on the final score of a single game. Winning wagers are determined by the money line or by the point spread, depending on the league.



Wager on 2 or more teams at once. If one team loses, the parlay is a loss.



Similar to a Parlay but it adjusts the point spread in the line to your favour. If you want to learn more about Teasers, click here.


If Bets

Wager a fixed amount on one team and only if that team wins the game can you set another fixed amount equal to the first wager on the next team.


Round Robin

A round robin is a simple way to place multiple parlays at once. When you place a round robin wager, you’re placing individual wagers on every possible parlay combination within the selected wagers. All of the selections in the round robin do not have to win for you to have returns from the total wager. To place a round robin, just add three or more selections to your bet slip and go to the “Round Robin” tab. Here, you’ll see the wager broken down By 2’s, By 3’s, and so on. These indicate the number of teams in each individual parlay you’re placing.

For example, if you’re betting on teams A, B, and C to win outright, you’ll have two round robin options available. Your By 2’s option includes all possible 2-team parlays for these three wagers (A+B, B+C, and A+C). And your By 3’s option includes all possible 3-team parlays on these 3 wagers (A+B+C). If you wager $30 on the By 2’s option, that money will be split evenly among the 2-team parlays ($10 on each of the 3 wagers).


Action Reverse

Similar to two or more If bets but apply every possible combination for wagering.



Wager on an event or outcome that will be determined sometime in the future with higher odds as a reward for placing the wager so far in advance.


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