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Welcome to the Casino Rules section; please also review our General Rules.

Our revamped Casino was designed with both novice and experienced players in mind. Studying this section will aid your understanding of how the Casino works and how to maximize your investment with us.

This section will provide all the information you need to place wagers and play games. You can customize the Casino to suit your personal tastes and retrieve information about your play history.


The Game Interface

You will find every game contains the following areas/buttons:

  • Payouts Chart Button: By clicking the Payouts Chart button – located in the upper right section of your screen or on the game table itself – you will see the payout for each type of hand won. If the button cannot be seen in-game, payout information can be retrieved by clicking the History button (located at the top of the game page).
  • Balance and Bet Displays: Two displays reside at the bottom of the page: one showing current account balance, one showing funds currently available to wager. The bet you have riding on the current hand/play will also be displayed.
  • History Button: Clicking the History button will open a pop-up window which contains an in-depth account of all your bets as well as results for the current game.
  • Message Display: Informative messages appear at the bottom of the game screen. Examples include whether you have won a hand and how much you have won, etc.
  • Help Button: Clicking the Help bottom – located in the top left corner of the game screen – will open a pop-up window containing important information such as rules, payouts and a how-to for playing a particular game.


Placing Your Bets

1. Placing your Bet(s): The plaque above the game table displays table limits; below are a series of chips, each with a distinct value written on the surface. The table features one or several bet areas, displayed as slightly lighter circles.

To place a bet: click on a chip value you wish to wager and then click the bet area. The chip will appear in your bet area and its value be deducted from your account balance and added to your bet.

Each time you click the betting area, your wager will increase by the value of the chip selected (up to the table maximum).

2. Deal/Roll/Spin: The Deal, Roll and Spin buttons – located at the bottom of the table – start game play. Depending on the game, the dealer will deal first, spin the tumbler or spin the wheel when you press the button to begin the game.


Removing Chips from the Table

You can clear chips from the table in two ways, depending on the game or situation:

1. To clear your chips off the table, click the Clear button when available. If the button is not displayed, the option is not currently available.

2. To remove individual chips from the table, click the Eraser button located next to the betting chips. You may remove only one chip at a time this way. If the Eraser button does not appear, look for the Clear button. Removing chips from the table will return the chip amount to your account balance.


Making a Deposit From the Casino

Your Sportsbook balance will follow you through the SportsBetting site. You do not need to use any form of a cashier or transfer method. If you run out of funds in middle of a game simply make a deposit and continue your hand.


Removing Funds from the Casino

Removing funds from the casino is as simple as changing tabs. There is no transfer of funds as you move from one product to the other. A wager can be placed at the same time you are logged into the casino.



Promotional: Occasionally, bonuses will be added to your account for promotions and will be available for immediate use in the Casino only. Bonuses must be requested at time of deposit. Bonuses will be issued up to but not further than 24 hours from time of bonus. They will be added directly to your Casino balance at the time of deposit. Bonuses are subject to specified roll over requirements.

Bonuses and/or rollover requirements are subject to change at any time without prior notice by Casino Management. All bonuses are subject to Casino Manager approval. Rollover is automatically tracked for you and once you meet the requirement the remaining amount will be added to your balance as cash. Once it is cash, you can use the funds as you please; you are welcome to wager in the Casino, Racebook or Sportsbook.

Any promotional bonuses offered via email, chat, telephone or by internal messages are valid for a maximum of 24 hours unless a valid date is accompanied. No bonus offer will be redeemed if older than said 24 hours.

Bonuses issued will only be issued in our classic casino. 3D slots and other new games are not eligible for bonus play.

Exclusions: Baccarat, Roulette (European or American), Sic Bo and Craps are not available for bonus play. You can wager in these games, but whatever action you give will not count to the bonus rollover requirement and any monies won will be removed prior to a payout.

Players who receive bonuses in the Casino must complete the following rollover requirements:

1. Fulfill the bonus rollover requirements. Players must complete rollover before any withdrawal can be made. Even if bonus has been lost rollover must still be completed or the bonus amount will be removed prior to any payout.

2. Once bonus rollover requirements are complete, the entire player balance must be rolled over five times.

3. A client who abuses the system will forfeit the bonus, as well as any and all winnings incurred from said bonuses. The client’s deposit will be returned and he or she will no longer qualify for any future bonuses in the Casino.

Rollover on casino bonuses must be completed on both bonus rollover and deposit rollover. Even if the bonus is lost rollover on the deposit must be completed. Rollover amount on the deposit is determined by the terms and conditions of that given promotion. Games played on any Blackjack or 21 game are subject to a 2.5X increase of the standard rollover for that promotion. Example: Made a deposit of $1000 with a 40X rollover = $40,000 in action needed on your deposit. Play blackjack and your rollover is now $1000 X 100 = $100,000.


Posting Casino Transactions to Your Account

While your Account Balance is adjusted instantly as you play in the Casino, the day’s transactions will automatically be taken from your current balance. To see the most current balance, ensure all Casino browsers are closed and refresh your Sportsbook web browser. If you have any questions regarding your available balance, please contact Account Management at 1-800-977-4717. Once transactions are posted in your account, the correct value will appear under Account Activity, as well as your deposits, wagers and withdrawals.

Management reserves the right to revise and change rules/regulations without prior notice. is not responsible for the unauthorized use of client accounts. Clients are solely responsible for their account/Casino transactions; please protect your login information. Management has the right to refuse and/or reverse bonuses where the bonus policy is being taken advantage of, manipulated, and/or abused. These decisions are final.


If you have additional questions about our rules, feel free to contact us! Our Player Services Team will be happy to assist you. 

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