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Cryptocurrency is the best way to top up your account, but Bitcoin is not your only option. Keep reading to learn more about Ethereum.


What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain-based platform. The primary difference between Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency is that it’s not just a currency, it’s an environment. 


Why switch to Ethereum today?

Ethereum Ethereum Ethereum
Fastest deposits & withdrawals Ethereum is the least expensive deposit method at SportsBetting! Ethereum is convenient, secure and easy to use


Why more and more of our clients use Ethereum?


Buying Ethereum won’t usually take more than 30 minutes depending on your preferred funding method.


No banks, government agencies or third parties involved. You control your own funds.


Ethereum is the cheapest deposit option at SportsBetting, making it the perfect way to get your money in.


Ethereum technology makes this digital currency secure and reliable.


How can I start using Ethereum on SportsBetting today?


1. Sign up with a crypto exchange.


A crypto exchange is a digital marketplace on which you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. Major exchanges come with built-in wallets, meaning you can trade and store your Ethereum funds from a single interface. Mobile exchange apps include QR code recognition, making the experience even better and faster.

Once you select your preferred exchange, simply create an account. The accounts are free. Many of these exchanges will require a picture of your ID for personal verification — but the process is fast and secure.

Following creating an account, it is recommended to download the exchange’s mobile app to your phone to simplify wallet address QR code scanning, sending and transferring Ethereum.

Choise among featured Ethereum exchanges to buy Ethereum (ETH) quickly and easily.

The exchanges, wallets and other third-party services mentioned on this page are not associated with SportsBetting. Choosing the best exchange depends on your specific needs and preferences.


2. Buy Ethereum (ETH).


Go on your exchange account (for many it’s a deposit button link), enter the amount you want to buy, your preferred payment method and submit. It just takes a few clicks. Once you complete your purchase, the Ethereum automatically arrives in your digital wallet and is ready to deposit in your player account.

Did you know?

You can buy Ethereum instantly with your debit/credit card or your checking account through a regulated exchange.


3. Deposit Ethereum (ETH) at SportsBetting.


Once Ethereum is in your wallet, you are ready to deposit with us:

  • Go to Cashier.
  • Choose Altcoins and select “Ethereum (ETH)” from the range of Altcoins provided.
  • Enter the desired deposit amount and receive the QR code and wallet address.
  • Simply scan the QR code with your mobile device to automatically open the exchange’s mobile app and complete the deposit. On desktop, you can copy/paste the wallet address in the exchange’s site platform.

In the SportsBetting Cashier, only use the generated Ethereum address once per deposit.

Once you have gotten the required blockchain confirmations, the funds will appear in your SportsBetting account. This happens usually within 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Exercise caution when using a wallet that uses both Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) as it might lead to confusion between addresses and funds.


More Ethereum Information

Keep detailed records of where you store your Ethereum. We recommend using a mobile wallet or trusted exchange services to store your Ethereum.

When making peer-to-peer transactions, only deal with accounts that have high satisfaction ratings from previous experiences.

In the SportsBetting Cashier, only use the generated Ethereum address once per deposit.


If you have any additional questions, please contact us. Our Player Services Team will be happy to answer them. 

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