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We make every effort to accept wagers on all the thoroughbred tracks we offer until the actual post time of each race. However, it is important to realize that is not the same as the racetrack or a simulcast outlet. We do not have access to video feeds from the tracks we offer. We rely on a service to establish the cutoff time for wagering. You should also be aware that our cutoff time for harness tracks is two minutes before post time. Please allow yourself sufficient time to enter/confirm your wagers, whether on the internet or through the call center.
No, the odds you see posted are Morning Line Odds. They are simply an estimate of what each horse’s final odds will be when the race goes off. Live odds are determined by the amount of money bet on each horse in the track betting pools. pays full track odds, but the money you wager with us does not go into the track betting pools.
Our service provider usually transmits the complete results of each race to us electronically within 5-10 minutes of the results being posted at the track. When we receive those results, your account is automatically updated to reflect your winnings. If you have any questions about race results or your account balance, please don’t hesitate to call our Horse Racing Department toll-free at 1-800-991-2381.
Yes. Our horse racing columnist, Pete Mitchell, posts articles on our website each week. These articles contain handicapping insights, money management tips, selections for upcoming races, race recaps, and general observations about the sport of horse racing. You’ll find his articles in the Sports Betting Edge section of our website, under the Horse Racing category.
Yes, we offer head-to-head horse matchups on a daily basis. These matchups are generally (but not always) taken from the better races at the major tracks. Pay close attention to the notes that accompany each matchup; they cover things like scratches, races moved off the turf, coupled entries, etc. Horse racing futures and props are generally offered for major events like the Triple Crown, Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes and the Breeders’ Cup races. You’ll find all these wagering opportunities in the Futures/Props section of the website.
Yes. Our most recent online handicapping contest involved picking the winners of the 14 races of the 2008 Breeders’ Cup; $5,000 in prize money was awarded to the top finishers, but nobody claimed the $1,000,000 prize offered to anyone who could pick the winners of all nine Breeders’ Cup races on Saturday’s card. Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming horse racing contests.


Please review our General Betting FAQs section if you have any more questions.

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